It can be the best of times. It can be the worst of times. As a coach in the fitness industry for some time, I believe this is the most under-utilised period of the year for people to change their lives for the better.

The Days Are Short and The Nights are Long

Yes yes, I get it. It’s dark outside when you wake up. The duvets are so cosy. You binge-watched the new Netflix series last night and need to sleep in so you make it through work okay…

And you know what? Before you know it, you’ve successfully hibernated through the next 4 months only to wake up in September with a snuggly little duvet of your own… around your tum-tum. And the aerobic capacity of a beached walrus.



But hey, it was “cold and dark” outside. That’s totally a legit reason to forgo any concept of discipline and dedication to your own health and fitness, right?

And you know what, that would be fine, if the next words out your mouth were:

“Russ, let’s get stuck into some training. I know this will be tough, but I didn’t get here by accident – let’s do this!”

Buuuuuuut it’s usually not. Usually, after a solid winter of preserving energy for the summer months, we hear a whole lot of:

“I’m just gonna start off with some running on my own and a few weeks at Globo Inactive first, you know, so I’m ready to train hard ‘n stuff..”


Don’t Get Snowed Under By Your Own Bull$hit!

The first and most valuable tool any of us has in the ever-evolving journey of life is The Ability To Be Honest With Ourselves.

What we want in the world is not going to happen by virtue of us avoiding the sacrifices we require to achieve it. I’m a fan of putting out that desire into the universe and letting those positive vibes return to me tenfold in the form of the success I believe I am worth. But I’ve got news for you: your deity/Gaia/Universal Force/Sisu/Whatever doesn’t reward lazy pieces of turd who sit on their couches all winter.

I’m sorry. Let’s just check that shit at the door right now and find out whoever got anything by doing nothing….?


No! Even lottery winners have to get off their asses to buy a ticket. Just think about that for a second.

So, Step 1 on the Path of Awesome to “Becoming Your Own Winter Soldier”, is to…drum roll…

get to the bladdy gym.

Step 2: Sign Up To Become A Winter Soldier – You Don’t Need To be Fit To Join In

One of the most frustrating things I hear as the owner of a gym is someone telling me they need to get fit before they join my gym.

It really puts me in a bad space. For a plethora of reasons.

Let’s examine just a few, starting with the most important:

  1. We as coaches/trainers in the fitness industry work for the express purpose of GETTING YOU FIT. We are specifically here to help you achieve YOUR goals, whatever they may be.
  2. Secondly, if I, as a coach and professional, was incapable of helping those with the most the basic and fundamental of needs (such as developing basic skills and strengths), then I would have no place in this industry. This is the most important and rewarding part of our job. I truly mean that.
  3. What aspect of your personality are you trying to satisfy that you will only partake in physical activity if you are “better” than your peers? Really – I’m waiting for your answer?
  4. The road to developing self-discipline is far more often adhered to when you have a strong supportive community around you. You get this in CrossFit communities and other such micro-gyms where the people around you actually care about you and your aspirations.
  5. Being “Fit” is not a destination that you arrive at and are completed by. It requires maintenance, and rent is due EVERY DAMN DAY!

Soldier Through The Dark Times

When I say winter is the best chance you have of getting a head-start on your fitness and health goals, I really mean it.

  • Get involved with a gym program or community that suits your goals IMMEDIATELY.
  • Get a step ahead of your own excuses by setting achievable goals. For example; set yourself a target number of sessions a week to go to the gym through winter.
  • Use this time to build a foundation for your next big goal.
  • “Get fit” enough to make a big push at that “summer body” you’ve been hoping to attain for the last few summers and always missed out on.
  • Do the hard work while others are sleeping/being lazy. Build your mental edge and toughness to make sure you’re the hardest worker in the room while everyone else has taken their foot off the gas.


The reason we use the word “Soldier” in this blog is not because they’re badass tough-guys (even though most of them are). We use it because of what gets them to being that badass tough-guy. And that is simply doing the hard work when no-one else is. It’s the trust in the plan and routine of preparation, even when you don’t want to, in order to achieve those goals.

Become Your Own Soldier, by Soldiering Through Winter.

‘Til next time, Live Untamed.