Good morning all, I hope this finds you well?


Soon we will be entering some teams for UWS (14-16 October). This is always an incredibly exciting time for us and is a great opportunity for people to get a taste of competition and for the box to get some support going!

This year we have seen the box grow from strength to strength and as such we have a ton of people keen to take part in the competition. Because of this, Billy and I have decided the best way to evaluate how to set up the teams is through a set of trials that will take place over a week or so.

The workouts will be loaded on BoxChamp and you will set your score there.

Obviously you will need to have set up your BoxChamp though 😉 So, get on with that, get over to BoxChamp and log your scores.


A few things that need to be outlined as we start this process, just so everyone is on the same page.

1. These tests are a series of guidelines for us to see who will fit where best. Please don’t get into a panic. This will help us set up the teams so everyone has the most amount of fun, which is what the competition and CrossFit is for.

2. If you plan on doing UWS, you will have to Rx each workout. Not negotiable.

3. Please do not be alarmed at the increased “strictness” in coaching/judging of classes. You are doing yourselves no favours by performing short reps. Do it right and learn how now, so you don’t get disappointed later.

4. If you have any questions, please come and chat to us as ASAP, sms, phone, whatsapp, email, whatever!

5. We will meet next weekend to go through the teams with everyone as the 1st team we can enter will be entered on the 4th of July.

6. Once teams are selected, entry will be on a 1st come, first serve basis RE whoever has the R4000 entry available.


Have a great day and we will see you all at the box soon soon.

Have a wonderful day and chat soon.