One of the most common questions I get asked as a CrossFit Coach and Box owner, is “why CrossFit?”. The answer is resoundingly simple and perfect for the lifestyle we live in today.

CrossFit, as a lifestyle, encourages me to be accountable to myself, my teammates (friends/ colleagues/ acquaintances/ fellow-gym-goers) and my coaches. It does so while providing me with a community with which I become part of through shared hardship and shared experiences, in under an hour a day.

As an avid “CrossFitter” and owner of CrossFit Shumba, it’s really easy for me to be biased towards trying to persuade people to join my gym, or other CrossFit gyms like mine because I believe in what I do. I believe other CrossFit gyms are founded on the same core beliefs of training as if you want to be prepared for the unknown and unknowable. All that means is that we would wish for our training to best prepare us for whatever challenges we may face. And the best way to accomplish such an outcome is through using constantly varied, functional movements, and to perform them at a high intensity. That will ultimately result in us being able to move large loads, long distances, fast.

If you’re keen to start 2018 with a commitment to changing your life for the better, you may still have a little trepidation about CrossFit. That’s fine. The easiest way to overcome that nervous energy is by taking a friend with similar goals as yourself, and trying out a class together. There’s not a gym owner or coach that I know that won’t be ready and excited to guide new people through a class. If they aren’t then you’re at the wrong gym. Simple as that.

That way, your shared fitness goals will help you stay accountable to both each other, and the ultimate goal you have (climbing Kilimanjaro, running your first 10km race, doing your first Obstacle Course race, shedding-for-the-wedding, whatevs).

The real factor is that committing to get fit and healthy through a well balanced, thorough physical fitness program is the first step on the road to a far, far happier lifestyle. Wherever and whatever you choose to do, I hope you choose to do something that gets you living that best life, starting today, and attacking the year ahead. The time is now.

As always, Live Untamed.


*Photo courtesy of Kevin Rom