This past weekend saw some of KZN’s finest CrossFit specimens make the journey down to “The Dirty South” in the heart of Margate and join Mitchell Anderson in the 2018 Summer Slam, for what was once again a magnificent event.

CrossFit Wild Coast and the Comp Itself

Mitch and CrossFit Wild Coast always host incredible comps and this year was no different. Mitch has expanded his gym and added a new paint job that helped create a real gritty, old-school CrossFit Throwdown atmosphere. Spectators, competitors, and team-mates were all in close proximity, shouting each other on and living and breathing the pain and pleasure of each grueling workout. Mitch and CrossFit Wild Coast’s members deserve special thanks for both running such a punctual, well-organised competition, and for arranging all the judging and holding all the athletes to high, but fair standard of competition. Having organised comps in the past, this is one of the most under-rated aspects that directly contribute to the athlete’s enjoyment, and you guys delivered. Well done!

A really pleasing trend that we noticed this weekend was the participation of companies, large and small, in the sponsorship and advertising around the event. While most of us don’t enter these “local” comps for prizes, it was great to see such awesome prizes given away to winners of all the categories. Further, to see the effort a company as large as USN made for this event, was really impressive and I hope we will see a lot more of this going forward from similar companies. The CrossFit community provides a great vehicle for businesses wishing to align themselves with a healthy lifestyle that is accessible to all. Let’s work to keep this going!

Mention also needs to be made of the effort of boxes around the province to make the trip down and support these competitions. It is impossible to attend every comp on offer, but to have such a great start to the year with regards to the local CrossFit community making the effort, that was fantastic. So CrossFit Fetish, CrossFit Richard’s Bay, CrossFit Kaiyay, CrossFit DBN West, and of course, CrossFit Wild Coast, well done for supporting this with your athletes. The appeal of the community is the strength of each of these individual communities, and you’re all looking great!

Summer Slam Kobus


Results and Notable Notes from the Weekend

Category 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Scaled Ladies Nix & Ntombi Sam & Wendy Karen & Carina
Scaled Men Simon & Jochen Ivon & Tyron Julian & Ruhan
RX Ladies Emma & Bubbles Kristy & Steph Lindi & Karen
RX Men Paul & JP Mike & Piet Darryn & Kyle


To see so many different boxes represented on the podium was a real pleasure and well done to each and every team that competed.

Summer Slam - Daine


Shumba’s Competition

Our Shumba athletes all competed at a level that should prove to themselves what excellent work they’ve put in in the few short weeks of 2018 that we’ve had to prepare. They should also be aware of what each of them is capable of by virtue of their performances. As individuals, and as team members. Our teams were all entered into the Male RX category and all our athletes were able to handle all the movements without any struggle, showing how they’ve paid great attention to the full spectrum of CrossFit training and that their commitment to the process is paying off.

Alex and James (14th place), Bryce and Gaz (6th place), Kobus and Judas (7th place), and Russ and Jeff (4th place) all did incredible jobs. To add to the high standards with which they acquitted themselves, the excellent camaraderie, and awesome banter, there were even a few PB’s thrown in for good measure. The first event of the day was a max snatch event and everyone either hit a PB or equaled a previous personal best – this is huge!

As a coach, there is very little more that I can ask of my members than they acquit themselves in the arena with dignity and to the best of their ability. I can confidently say all our athletes did that, and then some. You all have my utmost respect for that.

Summer Slam - Bryce

Special thanks also needs to go out to the people who traveled down and supported the competitors on their weekend. So Tiff, RoRo, Alison, Crash, Amy, and Nandi, thank you for making the trip and looking after the men as they put it all on the line for The Shumba Pride.

I greatly look forward to the next time we get to send more people to a competition as well as The Open.


The next local competition on the calendar is “CrossFit DBN West’s Kings and Queens of the WOD” on 17 Feb at CrossFit DBN West. It also has a scaled and RX division and the teams are made up of 1xM and 1xF (R300/team). Check out their FB page for more info!


As always, Live Untamed.