Welcome to July Pride!

Hoping you are all keeping really well and managing to stay strong through all this extremely cold weather we’re having to endure. How hard it is in Durban in winter….

It’s been great to see everyone sticking with the challenge and getting their attendance in, which on it’s own has made a massive difference to many of you already! Remember next week we sort out who wins the first of 10 50% off promo vouchers at Duke and Duchess so keep up the good work!

As with all our training, we cycle over 12 weeks which culminates in a test week which comes around next week! Through the week we’ll check out where your front squats, split jerks, cleans, snatches and muscle ups are and then on the weekend we’ll be having a bit of a 1st for CrossFit Shumba: our first Powerlifting Competition.

The powerlifting comp is for every single one of our members and it forms part of our test week. So it’s where you’ll get the chance to see where your Squat, Bench and Deadlift are. The reasoning behind holding it as an internal competition is two-fold.
Firstly, for those of you who don’t know, we have a Sports Massage Therapist in house named Lezelle. Lezelle is currently the South African ladies champion powerlifter in her division of the GPC and has qualified to compete at the world championships in Las Vegas later this year. We’re hoping that our community will show her a bit of support by firstly coming and doing the comp in her honour, and if possible donating a little bit to help her on her way. Please do not feel obligated to donate though, your support is the most important. Secondly, we thought ending your max week with a mini comp is pretty awesome! One of Shumba’s great friends and top South African Powerlifting and Strongman coach, Rory Scheepers will be assistant judge on the day as well!

As soon as the powerlifting comp is over we will be hosting our little support of one of our friends from Jozi’s drive to help Stop Hunger Now with 67 minutes of burpees.

Diane Hope of CrossFit Slam has organised a massive drive throughout the country and specifically in Fourways, JHB to raise money on Mandela Day to help alleviate child hunger. We would like to do our part to help her and the children by inviting all of you, and your friends to come through and join in with 67 minutes of burpees. Enter yourselves with teams of 2 or 4 (at the box) and see how many you can do in 1 hour. You can either get someone to sponsor you per burpee or just donate some money to help out a fantastic person working for a great cause. we’ll collect the money and deposit it in her account. (see our fb page for the poster with more info).

Please take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to spread our community to friends and family who want to make a difference. CrossFit is not just PR’s and protein shakes. We love to come together and support the greater community around us and help out where we can. enter your teams at the box and bring the money on the day!!

Looking forward to having you all there for a day of weights, burpees, PR’s and fun!

Have an awesome day guys and as always please feel free to shout with any questions or queries!

Russ and Billy