Hi guys,

Really sorry we have to do this but unfortunately we need to move the date of our internal Powerlifting competition and the Mandela day Fund Raiser.

Due to the Warrior Race this weekend (18th) too many of you fit freaks are running that so won’t be able to attend!

Soooo…. we have decided to move it to the 25th of July

Saturday 25th July

Start 7.00 for 7.30am: Powerlifting Competition (functioning as max day for Back Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift)
-everyone gets 3 attempts to get to their maximum lift. Your lift will be judged for a good rep.
-it will work as a “rising bar” system: the bar will start at the lightest lift and then rise until the heaviest weight is complete for the first attempt. Once everyone has completed their first attempt, it will start at the bottom again. No redosies if you mess up all 3 lifts!

Once the powerlifting is complete we will start the 67 Minute burpee challenge. In teams of 2 or 4 it’s your goal to get as many burpees as possible. The purpose being to raise money for charity: “Stop Hunger Now”. You can either get people to sponsor you per burpee or just put some money in to enter. Please bring friends and family along to take part as it’s just a fun day at the box for a great cause and a great reason to build our fellowship and community around some positive vibes 🙂

Thanks again and sorry for the inconvenience, we do hope though that more of you will be able to come through and take advantage of all the gains!

Have a fantastic day!!

Russ and Billy