Hellooooooo The Pride!


Here’s hoping you are all well recovered from the awesome that was UWS 2015. It was an amazing experience to be a part of and to witness. To see so many people new to the sport and the community put so much out there in what can be a very unforgiving environment was a great spectacle. It was a pleasure to see so many rise to the occasion and smash your previous perceptions of what you thought you were capable of. What an absolute pleasure it was as well, to see so many of those not able to compete come through and watch the games. Your support meant a huge amount to those on the floor and we can’t thank you enough.


In this last week the gees in the box as a result of UWS has been palpable. And that is AWESOME. If anyone is looking to get stuck into a competition, there is an online competition called the RXit Nations Series starting on the 4th of November. It is an online competition and has 3 weekly WODs (the box will host on the weekend.) It’s a great way to test yourself under some pressure situations and get a feel for what The Open will be like in 2016 as well as give you a chance to feel some pressure on your performances to help you find out where to improve!


We are also really excited about our test week next week and cannot wait to see all the new PB’s and the boards get a reshuffle as a result of all your hard work!


As always, thank you for your support and participation in our community. We really look forward to continuing to build ourselves as a box to be proud of (and reckoned with) as we continue to grow from strength to strength with your support.


Russ and Billy