2017 hey? What. A. Year.

It started normally, just like previous years at Outlet Park. But as the old saying goes, “Life is what’s happening while you’re busy making plans…”

We had a great Open and Dave Castro throwing dumbells into the fray was greeted with excitement and a ‘can do’ attitude that saw money being raised and donated for the box to purchase the requisite equipment that we thought we would never need. It was a forerunner of the support and belief in our community that I was, and am truly amazed by and grateful for.

Along the way we had a few changes. Chief among them being Billy deciding to pursue his dreams of travelling and seeing the world and us deciding to move to “Charlie Site” to give ourselves a fresh start. Each of these occurrences were significant and would have shaken up and probably dissolved many other communities and businesses. But not us. In my mind, it strengthened our resolve and galvanised our drive.

People often talk about the “CrossFit community” as being its mysterious secret ingredient. The events of 2017 have cemented in my mind what this “community” actually is. And more so, how lucky I am to have the job that I do, in working with you all every single day. For there to have never been a single doubt in my mind, at any stage, that we would get through any and all obstacles (floods and construction sites included) is a testament to the faith I have in our Community at Shumba.

Where we stand today is a stronger and more exciting position than ever before. We have not only found ourselves growing our numbers as box, even after all this upheaval, but further growing the facility as a whole. We have had the privilege of welcoming Daine Smit Corrective Training and Strength Society into our facility and seeing them flourish over the course of the year has been incredible. More recently with the increase in space we have added Bradley’s Crunchies to the greater Shumba facility and in 2018 we will welcome our very own coffee shop to our offering: I’m thinking it should be called “Iron Bru’d” what say you???

While coffee shops and crunchies are awesome, we are at our core a functional fitness facility. And man, do we have a facility to be even more proud of now. We have not only our standard CrossFit set-up, but with the extra space we have added a further 5 dedicated lifting platforms. We have more space for people to work-out outside of class times and take on more dynamic work with some of the strongman equipment we have, and Shilo and Daine have established an excellent “Box Cricket” set-up to keep anyone occupied!

In summary, 2017 has been a year that has pushed us to examine who we are as a box and community. And what it has proven to me is that in 2018 we look forward to not only growing, but flourishing by virtue of having a clearer idea of what standard of service we want to offer, and why.

I look forward to refreshing our schedule to bring it to more people. Expanding our offerings while remaining true to our understanding and vision of what health and fitness is, and why. In doing so, making sure we reach a greater population to show them why we live life with the vigour and positivity that we do.

I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to work with each of you every day and I thank you for that. Further, I cannot wait for us to attack 2018, together, and for us all to reach the goals we set.

As always, Live Untamed.