Easy guide on how to join our community.

Step 1

Drop In and Try a Class

If you’re new to CrossFit or are unsure o what you may be getting yourself into, then get yourself into a Lite Class and try it on for size! Contact us via the links below to find out any more information you may need and to book your drop-in.

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Step 2

Decide what Membership Package to take

We have a few membership options available for you to choose from. All of which are crafted to provide you with the best opportunity to succeed in your goal to get healthy, fit and happy. Check them out below. Once you’ve decided what Package you’re going to take you’ll need to fill out our Indemnity Form, Set Up your Debit Order and go through our Membership Contract:

Step 3

Complete Your Foundation Course

Before you get let loose into our classes like the raging beasts you all are, we need you to go through our Foundations Course. This is a one or two session course (depending on your membership choice) we’ve developed in order to help you learn the fundamental movements that take place in CrossFit. We need your movement to be as good as possible in order to help you achieve those gains! There is no extra cost for this course and it is run by 2 of the coaches you’ll meet almost every day.

membership options

See below options for what would best suit your fitness goals.

Joining a CrossFit gym can be tricky as there are a variety of options that may not seem “normal” as per your generic “Globo Gym”.

In the light of that, we’ve decided to keep things simple for you. We have simplified the options and designed them to suit your best interests in transforming your life from merely existing to being a fit and capable human being, ready to take on the world.


Our most common membership. This enables you to book and attend any class on offer.

As with all our memberships, you may attend available classes as many days a week as you like (Monday through Saturday). It’s really a simple Premium membership that ensures you have the best opportunity to expose yourself to as wide a variety of training as possible.

Your skills and strength development from gymnastics to powerlifting and weightlifting are all covered as is your General Physical Preparedness.



(or R1150 on month-to-month)

Foundational Classes Required: 2


Our community values family. As such, we encourage couples to sign up together where possible. This membership package has all the benefits of the Unlimited package, while allowing you and your partner to save a little money by signing up together.



(or R1850 on month-to-month)

Foundational Classes Required: 2


A variance on the Couples Package is the Family4. In order to accommodate whole families who want to sign up we have this membership that caters for 4 or more family members, starting at R3000.


One of our newer memberships, the Lite package serves as a “bridging” opportunity of sorts. Your access is slightly limited to “off peak” times and designated “Lite” classes, as per the class schedule.

Sometimes when people start out with CrossFit they feel like they may be “too unfit” or not strong enough to do CrossFit properly as yet. While we don’t believe that is the case, we do acknowledge that sometimes it will take a little longer to be confident enough to take on those classes.

Which is where CrossFit Lite comes in!

By limiting the classes to the foundational movements of fitness and removing the complex Olympic lifts or challenging gymnastics movements, we aim to build you from the ground, up. There are still strength and technique portions to each workout, but those are focused on getting you comfortable with the mechanics of the movement under a lower load in order to master a new skill and build that strength. Worry not, the “metcon” portion is also in there, and if we might say so, spicy as hell! These simple, no frills workouts are designed to get you fit and skinny in no time at all.

This membership really is ideal for anyone looking to either get started in CrossFit or experience the CrossFit methodologies without having to take part in the more technical side of things.



(or R810 on month-to-month)

Foundational Classes Required: 1


With the world’s work habits becoming more and more stressful, time-consuming and sedentary, companies have had to find a way to try and address the Health and Wellness concerns of their employees.

In acknowledging the Corporate Responsibility of employers and the benefits they would reap from having healthier, fitter and happier employees, we have worked out a few options that would be beneficial to everyone. Feel free to have a little bit more of an in-depth look at what CrossFit in a Corporate setting by checking out this link before you look through the options below.

A. Challenge Pack:

  • before and after tests provided for fitness and body transformation
  • eating template provided or eating coaching provided at an additional cost)
  • access to CrossFit Lite classeS


(1 month package. Minumum 10 people)


B. Corporate Partnership Pack:

  • selected employees would have the opportunity to have their membership subsidised by the company at a preferential rate
  • they would have access to all classes as per the “Unlimited Package”
  • membership cost shared on basis determined by the company/employees
  • minimum of 4 people at R750/per persoN


(6 or 12 month contract on a shared cost scheme. Minimum 4 people)