As always, it is my pleasure to be able to communicate the happenings/ state of CrossFit Shumba with you all on a monthly basis.

In a nutshell, January has been phenomenal.


Kick-Ass Class Gees

Our classes have been filled with enthusiastic, driven people who are working hard to put their best foot forward and make 2018 the success it should be. So if you’ve been turning up and training hard, pat yourself on the back, because you’ve made coaching for Daine and I a pleasure. If you’ve struggled to get into the rhythm of 2018 so far, don’t sweat it, as the old saying goes; “The best day to plant a tree was yesterday, the next best day is today.” So get yourself down to the box and let’s get started. It really is never too late to start.



New Year, NewMembers of the Pride

Added to that, your enthusiasm and zest for what you choose to spend your spare time doing has translated into new members joining us, and making this our best January yet in terms of sign-ups. For that, we can only thank you all for trusting us with the health of your friends and telling them about Shumba.

If you’re brand new to Shumba, or just found your way back, know we are so happy to have you through our doors and thank you for choosing to spend your valuable time with us. We will absolutely do our best to make it the best hour of your day!



Iron Bru’d Coffee

Yaaaaaassssssssss boet! Are we happy about this one or what! How cool is it to have your own coffee shop, IN THE GYM, BOET!!! No, for serious! How cool is that!? We are really happy to be able to provide you with excellent Barista-made coffee before or after your classes. While for the moment this mainly benefits the morning folk, we will start experimenting with later hours depending on the classes and who’s keen. This is a project that we will gradually flesh out organically and you will see the shop grow and evolve right infront of you.

Ultimately this shop is for you guys and it’s there to add to your experience of our facility. We appreciate your support of it so far and look forward to growing it with you. Get down there, and get yourself some awesome coffee guys!


Crossfit Shumba

Equipment Drive

As our renovations to the gym are coming to a close, with only a few more odds and ends to sort out, we can start to attend to the very real challenge of refreshing our equipment. The equipment we do have has served us incredibly well and we will be looking for more high-quality equipment to replace it with. As providing us with the best stuff to use does cost a bit, over and above saving money, we will be looking into a few fund-raising ideas to speed up the process and hopefully start getting some new stuff in before The Open (starts 22 Feb).

In the light of that, please do your best to look after the equipment we do have, even if it does look a bit worse-for-wear. If you have any great ideas on how to add to the mix, please don’t hesitate to slide into my DM’s and let me know, or just grab me at the box and let’s have a chat.

Socials and Internal Throwdowns

With so much happening last year, we didn’t get around to enjoying each other’s company quite as much as we should. And we hope to change that this year. So please do keep an eye out for any socials or gatherings we may be having. The details of which will be either sent via email, on our Facebook (CrossFit Shumba) or on our Instagram account (@crossfit_shumba). We have a special group of people here, let’s make the most of it.

And on that note, I think I’ve waffled enough. Have a wonderful day everybody, hope to see you soon!