Hello Pride and how are you?


We hope you had a fantastic weekend and are ready to brave the cold mornings ahead? Seems that some of our number have already reset their body-clocks to only function during daylight and have therefore been absent from their 5.30am classes (…you know who you are…) 😉


On to more important matters. This Saturday (14 May) is the scheduled fund raiser for us to try and raise some money to get Billy to Spain. He has been very blessed to have received some support from individuals already and for that he/we could not be more grateful. However we do need to try and get that last little bit of money sorted as travelling to and supporting yourself in Europe is a really expensive affair.


Please bring any and all through this Saturday to share in what will be a really fantastic day for everyone. We will be doing a workout that you will share with a partner followed by a little lift-off for anyone whos interested in throwing someheavy stuff around. All we ask is R100 donation to enter in order to contribute.


We also have a “Closet Sale” run by the one and only Brat who will be selling a huge amount of fancy clothes for a ridiculously small amount of money. Your wives/girlfriends/moms would kick you if you missed this opportunity!


There will be raffle tickets on sale for R50/ticket for the chance to win a case of wine, a Nutritech hamper, KillCliff, a gym membership, and even a signed pic of Jacques’ abs!!


Please remember that everyone is welcome, so people from outside of the box are most welcome to take part in any and all thet they want to!


Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday and looking forward to seeing what we can do as a community!


Have a fantastic day guys!