Wow! So January has flown by in a flash and a blur!


Billy and I have been really impressed on how the box has grown year on year from this time in 2015 and we couldn’t be prouder of the work YOU have all done to make that happen! All we can do is thank you and continue to do our best to deliver the quality space that provides for an amazing community and training facility. We can’t wait to continue to grow CrossFit Shumba with you all as the motivation for us to provide excellence on a daily basis.


Bank/EFT/Debit Orders


As some of you know, we have had on-going issues with the switching of debit order accounts lately and we’ve got good news in that we are almost at the end of the line in this regard. We have changed bank to Standard Bank and they are in the process of verifying all the necessary details RE the debit orders we need to make everything simpler and smoother for you and for us. This will however take a while and will mean we will not be able to run the debit order for February. In the light of this we will (for the last time) be asking you to EFT your February membership fees for us.


The new details are as follows:


Standard Bank (Business Current Account)

Account Name: Big 5 Fitness

Account Number: 052 390 020

Branch Number: 057829 (Umhlanga Ridge)


If you have already done your fee payment for Feb, firstly, thank you (you are winning), secondly, don’t stress, we will sort that out.


If not, please may you do your payment into that account so we can sort out all our accounts that need payment ASAP. We really appreciate your understanding.




GET YOURSELVES SIGNED UP! This is a fantastic way to add a little extra motivation to your daily workouts and get committed to making a difference for yourselves. We will be starting the challenge on 1 Feb and doing the initial testing for the challenge on Saturday 6 Feb. Last year our 2 winners lost a combined weight of 16kg and everyone that entered made a positive difference to their training, bodies and most importantly, minds! Everyone is welcome and friends from outside the box are of course encouraged to sign up, even if just for the challenge duration itself (the koolaid will sort out the rest).


The Open


We’ve had a few people sign up already and most impressively, the #momskwod are absolutely killing it and leading the entries so far. The Open is for everyone. You do not have to “fit enough”. You do have to be committed to having a good time and supporting your friends at the box as they challenge themselves. And no doubt, the will be there to support you through it.


If in doubt about the impact of The Open, just take a look at some of videos and have alook at the impact it’s had on people from all around the world of all fitness levels.


There really is no excuse to avoid throwing down with the rest of the box on a Saturday morning and enjoying a bit of brekkie after!


New Events and Feedback?


Is there anything you guys want us to pay more attention to or improve at the box? Please give us a shout if there’s anything you’re looking for specifically. We really want to make our facility the best in the world and that’s going to be a whole lot easier with your advice and input.


That’s enough for now guys, hoping you have a fantastic day and weekend and once again, congratulations to OG members Sean and Lori for the birth of their little Bailey-Dan on Wednesday this week!