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Russel Swanepoel - Crossfit coach



Russ has spent the majority of his life studying Sports Science at Rhodes University and UKZN and playing rugby before he found himself immersed in the world of Strongman.

A stubborn refusal to accept average led to him competing at U105 Strongman World Championships in Norway (2012) as well as numerous national competitions as a heavyweight. That was until he was introduced to the world of CrossFit. In CrossFit he found an outlet to use his knowledge and experience as a strength athlete and coach to improve the lives of others and expand his personal capacity for human movement.

At CrossFit Shumba he works to ensure the biophysical, physiological, psychological and conceptual aspects of human performance and movement are pursued with a focus on achieving excellence across all domains.



Daine comes to us a coach having done CrossFit since 2012 while he studied towards his degree and Post-graduate qualifications in Sports Science and then further specialising in prehabilitation and rehabilitation. He excels in identifying and breaking down movement patterns that may be holding you back from enjoying CrossFit to its fullest extent.

Most recently he has competed in the South African Weightlifting Championships (2017) where he took silver in the men’s 77kg category. His passion to learn more about weightlifting makes him especially enthusiastic when coaching the fundamentals of all lifting.

Daine also has his Corrective Training practice at CrossFit Shumba so is easy to get hold of for any niggles that may need attending to.

Daine Smit - Crossfit Coach

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