Find out what works best for you.



This is our bread and butter session. These sessions are programmed to get the absolute best out of
you as a human to help you get stronger, fitter, and more capable of dealing with unknown and

These sessions are broken up into a targeted “Warm Up”, a “Strength Portion” and finally a
“Workout Of the Day” or WOD. We find this format addresses the fundamental necessities of your
fitness journey in a structured format that makes sure you are working towards improving your
Work Capacity as Human Being all the time.


Due to the complexity of some of the lifts we do in our classes and the drive some people have to master the “Olympic Lifts”, we have dedicated a few classes on a Wednesday purely to advancing your weightlifting proficiency. These lifts take time to master so each session is filled with drills and processes based around trying to help you get the hang of these movements.

As with normal classes, Weightlifting classes are not for “elite athletes” exclusively. In fact, we encourage our newer athletes to make use of these classes to hone their techniques in order to make normal workouts safer and more rewarding. And who doesn’t want to get stronger!?


Fit-As- F;) classes have been designed to cater to those members who want something a little less
heavy and complex in their workouts. These classes are aimed at getting people out of breath with a
combination of low impact movements that are going to help build your strength, endurance and
cardiovascular capacity without doing too many heavy weights.

These classes are ideal for beginners who want to get accustomed to the high intensity nature of
CrossFit without having to get stressed about lifting too many weights.