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This is our bread and butter session. These sessions are programmed to get the absolute best out of you as a human to help you get stronger, fitter, and more capable of dealing with unknown and unknowable. Each session starts with a focused warm up designed to prepare you for a basic “strength component”.

This describes the core movements that every human should strive to achieve competency in: squatting, pressing, deadlifting, basic gymnastics. Once the strength portion is completed we will start the “Workout of the Day” or WOD. This is typically a combination of constantly varied, functional movements, performed at high intensity. This is the bit that gets you fit and prepared for whatever life has to throw at you (and makes you look good naked.)

This WOD can be any number of combinations of weightlifting, calisthenics, running, skipping, team-work all thrown together in order to get you working hard and getting fitter. There is absolutely no reason to be concerned about “not being fit enough” to do CrossFit. Every single thing we do can (and will) be scaled to your level of competency so your workout is tailored specifically for your ability and level of strength. You don’t have to be fit to CrossFit, but you will become fit if you CrossFit ☺


Due to the complexity of some of the lifts we do in CrossFit and the drive some people have to master the “Olympic Lifts” specifically, we have dedicated a few classes (on a Wednesday and Saturday) purely to advancing weightlifting proficiency.

These lifts take time to master so each session is filled with drills and processes based around trying to help you get the hang of these movements. As with normal classes, Weightlifting classes are not for “elite athletes” exclusively. In fact, we encourage our newer athletes to make use of these classes to hone their techniques in order to make normal workouts safer and more rewarding. And who doesn’t want to get stronger!?


A newcomer to our schedule, the CrossFit Lite classes have been designed to cater to those members who want something a little less heavy and complex in their workouts.

These classes are aimed at getting people out of breath with a combination of low impact movements that are going to help build your strength and cardiovascular capacity without doing too many heavy weights. Ultimately, our vision for the CrossFit Lite classes is to provide a bridging mechanism for people who are easing into CrossFit or coming back from injuries.

By emphasising and remaining true to the foundational level basics of movement, we provide a safe space in order to build your movement mechanics while improving your metabolic conditioning with simple, yet tough workout routines that get the blood racing!