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Who or "what" is CrossFit Shumba?

CrossFit Shumba is YOU! We are the average, everyday person.

What sets us apart is that we have made the decision to no longer accept “existing” as an acceptable way to go through life. We choose instead, to challenge ourselves to complete tasks that drive us outside our comfort zone.

To do things that scare us and challenge us to be more than what society would have us be. We do this, knowing that in CrossFit Shumba we are safe in the knowledge that the community is there to support us in our endeavours.

We do this knowing that at CrossFit Shumba we have the guidance and support from our coaches and community to achieve what we previously thought was not possible.

We are a community. Join The Pride.


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Take Control of Average -Part 3

Take Responsibility for Your Life, Even Though It’s Not Your Fault Now we're moving guys, January is almost done and we’re in the thick of things again. Furthermore, we're a couple of weeks into our new life and hopefully we're accepting that things are going to...

Take Control of Average Part 2

Discipline Beats Motivation, Every Time. Now we know that we deserve nothing and have to actually put in the time and effort to achieve things that we desire, let's traverse how we get there. Coz this, young lion cubs, is a journey filled with traps and trickeries....

Take Control of Average Part 1

Exercising Sucks and Change is Hard Exercising, training, working out, fitnessing. Call it what you will, sucks. It's not easy. It's not buckets-o-fun. It's not a highlight. To call it otherwise means you're doing it wrong. Transforming or changing your body through...